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Staying Encouraged

At some point, every writer wonders if his or her stories are important, and if anyone will ever care about them.  .  . I told him writing, like Tai Chi, was internal, not external. It is about feeling and honesty, if something wants to come out, it needs to come out.  One has to set…

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Things To Nurture This Month

Where do I spend my time and energies? What do I need to focus on to bring along and develop? Wiktionary defines nurture as “that which nourishes; tender care, education, training”. So what do I want to nurture this month? My photography and creativity My soul (spirituality) My body For the next three weeks, those are the things…

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Follow My Heart In Writing

I’ve had several of my faithful readers asking if I’m doing the word a day challenge next year. I’m not sure.  It challenged my creativity and I was surprised at how often I successfully delivered on the word.  But there were days it was limiting and some of my posts got overly long when they should…

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