Looking Through the Window

I love looking in windows when I’m taking pictures. Part of it is wondering how others live, but I think a bigger part is just curiosity as to what’s there. I liked this storefront window – not only was it decorated colorfully, but you could see all the way through to the building behind it, which is not common.

This triptych finished the window in three different styles. I originally started working on it as a creativity exercise on minimalism then moved onto another exercise in black & white.

One of the things I like about doing creativity exercises is that it expands my skills and gets me out of my comfort zone. I don’t have to like the end result, I need to be open to trying and failing. It’s frustrating sometimes though, having to sit and think what do I do next? And how do I do it? Thankfully Google offers up a lot of answers, as do the forums for my various photography software.

The middle photo was my usual fine art photography style, using Topaz Studio 1.

The left one was from Topaz Studio 2, AI Remix. My intention was to try something really different and I did! It turned out pretty good but is definitely not my usual style.

The right style was black and white with a high key. I don’t usually like black and white, but this also turned out good. I used ON1 for the rendering.

These pictures were taken at a store front in Dayton, Virginia.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

This week’s photo challenge is green.  There were so many green things I could share such as my garden, a view of downtown when the spring colors have finally arrived, or a picture of the woods when I’m out hiking with my favorite boy toy.

But then I thought green with a contrast would be more fun!  I love it when green gets matched with something that is an opposite color – for some reason, green just seems to go with it all.

Such as green with a bright melon color:

Charleston, South Carolina

Isn’t that just cool?  I love the plants around the windows like that and how the lime green of the bottom plant contrasts with those walls.

Here’s another favorite – purple and green:

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens
Richmond, Virginia

The purple coleus itself has a tiny green center, which is accentuated by all those green plants around it.  I thought it was just gorgeous.

The weather has been somewhat warm but very rainy.  I cannot tell you how much fun it is to take pictures while holding an umbrella.  Still, my favorite boy toy and I are pretty passionate about our photography, so off we’ve gone despite the weather.

Have a good week and be sure to get enough rest to enjoy your holidays.