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Walk in Wonder

It’s late autumn in the far southern part of the United States. I’m enjoying late afternoon walks near my house and here are ten things I’ve noticed while walking.

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A Late Winter Walk

The world is but a canvas to the imagination. – Henry David Thoreau A few days before the official start of spring, I took a walk at one of my favorite places, the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. The shadows were lovely, even though the trees are still bare. The crocus were in bloom – just…

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A Walk With Mom

Dear kind and gentle readers – yes, it’s once again me, the beagle. I’m really liking Mom being home during the day.  Why?  Because she’s taking me for a walk nearly every day.  Oh such joy – I get to check pee mail!  Poop on the neighbors lawns!  And best of all, I’m finding all…

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New Year, New Routines

This week’s photo challenge is new – something new for me in 2015 (to see how other photographers interpret it, click here). What better for this than a picture taken New Year’s Day?  One of the first of the year.  I didn’t have much time for it – just seconds later, they were running over…

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Walking During Lunch

These last several weeks have been unseasonably warm.  I enjoy walking during lunch for my exercise and thought you might like to see Brown’s Island and the canal off the James River in downtown Richmond. This is the bridge I take across to get to the island, shown from the far end.  Click here for…

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Taking A Walk In January

I got off work early enough on Saturday to take a walk at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Not too surprisingly, the gardens were fairly empty.  The temperatures have dropped considerably and the wind had a bite to it. I hadn’t intended to wear my winter coat to walk, but did so as I’d left my…

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A Wonderful Friday in Six Words

I had a wonderful day today and thought I’d describe it in six sentences of six words: robin sings brightly before dawn breaks bright sun, fresh air, lunchtime walk my camera stalks today’s new picture work energy rises for yearend close waxing moon crisp in navy sky And for today’s picture, taken several years ago:…

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Surprising Advice

Life coach Barrie Davenport, in her blog Live Bold & Bloom, had a recent post about how emotions can sabotage our happiness.  She had some excellent insight into the myriad of reasons why this can happen, but I was surprised to see two of the pieces of advice that I use on days like that,…

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