What I Learned – February 2019

I started keeping a bullet journal this month and as part of my month end migration, I put together a short list of the things I learned this month. With doing a daily reflection, it’s easy to see what happened!

2019 Vision Board
  • I learned how to do a bullet journal! It still needs tweaking, but it’s a good answer to not needing a daily planner with my new retired life.
  • I put together a vision board for the first time ever. I use the One Little Word class with Ali Edwards, but have never done the vision boards in the past. I’m not sure I’ll do it again – they really don’t appeal to me nor do I have the wall space to hang it up because of too many bookshelves. It was fun to try though.
  • I also clarified what I want to explore (a new life) – that stumped me for a little when I started working on the vision board. Of course, had I reread the January exercises first, I’d already had that answer.
  • I tried some new software – Trello, a digital organizer using an index card-type format as well as Dropbox Business for cloud backup. Trello didn’t work the way I needed, but Dropbox is doing awesome. I also relearned some things I haven’t done for a while – how to print photos on my Canon Pixma and how to use the laminator.
  • I found that two walks a day with the beagle makes us both really tired. Neither of us are young anymore. But we’re still doing it on the nice days. It won’t be long before it’s too hot again.
  • I’m trying two on-line book clubs. I’ve not done this before, so next month I’ll have to let you know how it goes. One is weekly for twelve weeks and uses Julia Cameron’s, “It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again“. The other is monthly for ten months and is reading Ingrid Fetell Lee’s book, “Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness“.

How about you? What did you learn this month?

Random Thoughts From The Weekend

It’s been an interesting weekend.  This month is  yearend close where I work, and it was likely we’d work late every night as well as every weekend for the month.  Numbers weren’t ready by Friday night, so I didn’t work Saturday after all.  I worked today, but still got home at a decent time.  That is nice and a change from other years where it was frantic all the time.

I finished reading Faye Kellerman’s newest book, Gun Games.  I’ve been reading this series since she began writing and it never fails to entertain me.  I met Faye twice, years ago at two different book signings.  The first time, she was still known as Jonathan Kellerman’s wife and not an author in her own right.  By the second signing, she had gained recognition as an accomplished author separate from her husband.

Another good book that I read recently too was Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love by Larry Levin.  Oogy was used as bait in dog fighting and saved by the veterinary assistant where Levin’s took their cats.  Oogy’s picture shows him with his ear missing and a lopsided look on his face.  His antics are hysterical, as is the affection between himself and the Levin’s twin boys.

I’m trying a new piece of software called Trello to organize my thoughts around my e-book.  Its based on the premise that people so often use Microsoft Excel not for numbers, but as an organization tool.  I use Excel for all kinds of things, so right there it appealed to me.  What I like is its index card format in a two dimensional array that I can quickly spot what I’m looking for.  I’m still working on it though so we’ll see if I like it as well in a month.

Our weather continues to be unseasonably warm.  I haven’t seen any new birds, but we had a mosquito get in the house yesterday.  The beagle needs to waddle faster when he comes in.

Speaking of the beagle, he’s been busy burying and digging up bones in the backyard again.  We give the dogs these big rawhide chew bones.  Once dog #1 chews off the end, the beagle tends to hide them in his mouth to take outside.  The problem is he buries it in the mulch, then sits or lays there, pointing right at it.  After he gets paranoid enough, he then digs it out and moves it.  After enough time, dog #1 figures out what is going on and takes it, making the beagle howl.

Last night both of them tried at different times to bring in a slimy, rotted, muddy end.  Because it was bigger then normal, I could see it to confiscate it and throw it back into the yard.   The beagle was obsessive about it and even at midnight, wanted to go back out to bury it again.  I made him go back to bed instead.

Nothing is cuter than putting down this big bone in front of the miniature pinscher and watch him stretch out full length onto it to claim is as his own.  He can’t even hardly get his teeth around a corner of it!  Once dog #1 softens it up though, I see the min pin trying to chew it.  They each get their own bone when I hand out new ones, otherwise the min pin would chase the other two away and they’d never have a bone to chew.

My niece went back to college the other day.  I can’t believe she graduates in June already.  Of course, I can’t believe my daughter has been in the work force for so long already either.

My husband got a Keurig coffee maker over the holidays.  I tried a tea sample that came with it and it was really nice.  When he got coffee for himself, he got me some chamomile tea as well.  I’ve really enjoyed it!  I’m surprised that there is no coffee flavor coming through.  However they do, it’s done right.

That’s it for today.  I hope everyone has a good Monday to start the week off well.  If you’re interested in more challenges and prompts, visit the latest post at A Daily Life.

Since the weather has been unseasonably mild, my freeze hardy herbs are still growing.  Here’s a picture of the rosemary taken shortly before Christmas.

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Today’s small stone is the smooth flavor and aroma of my warm cup of chamomile tea.  It was a little too strong, so I floated in two ice cubes and a little tap water, then added a bit of lemon.  My red Emile Henry mug with its white interior shows the delicate yellow color as I lift it to my lips and sip it slowly, soothing my throat and my mind with this simple ritual.