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Pears With Textures

  For the final assignment in my close-up photography class, we were to take a photograph of something with four different textures.  After a great deal of experimentation, I ended up four fairly boring pictures of a pear that we had.  So, to make it more appealing to me, I ran it through Topaz Effects…

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Bloopers and Practicing Failure

This week’s assignment for my close-up photography course (I discussed in more detail here) was to use items from the kitchen or bathroom.  The three above turned out really well.  I especially like the bubbles that’s almost entirely green.  But wait until you see what didn’t turn out. I spent all afternoon working on this…

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I Hate Chores!

  Today’s challenge on 30 Days of Lists is to list chores I actually enjoy. My answer is: NONE NOT ONE Nope, nothing I used to enjoy baking, but a) my husband dislikes homemade bread, especially for his sandwiches; b) my daughter didn’t care either and c) I can’t eat much of any baked goods,…

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