Daybook Entry – March 31

FOR TODAY  – Saturday Evening, March 31

Outside my window… it’s dark outside.  The days are staying light much longer now.  The rains from earlier have passed and the stars are shining brightly.

I am thinking… that I had a good day today.  I read a whole book at one time (yippee!), took a long nap and had a good swim before the health club closed for the evening.  My favorite boy toy is watching a video in his office and then we’re watching British people kill each other (another episode of Midsomer Murders).

I am thankful…that I had today to relax and recharge.  And that my boy toy understands that after a hectic, busy week, I need this downtime.

In the kitchen…the dishwasher is running and our spaghetti supper is all cleaned up.  The dog’s water has been picked up for the night, but that’s not stopping the beagle from obsessively licking the dog bowls clean.  His soft tongue is also cleaning out the ants that found their way to the dog bowls.  No, that’s not the grossest thing he eats.  He’s the reason the dog poop has to be cleaned out of the yard every day.

I am wearing… my soft blue jeans and an old black top.  The top is too faded to wear to work, but it’s really comfortable.  I’m so hot from my swim though I’m thinking of putting on some shorts.

I am creating… my book!  I’ve written a few chapters every weekend.  I wish I had time for more, but I am happy to be making progress on it.  I also created a new header on my blog (picture below) from the trees in bloom at the botanical gardens.

I am going… to bed early tonight.  My swim was better than usual but it’s got me rather knocked out.

I am wondering… if my blog link at the botanical garden website will bring more traffic to my blog.  I hope so.  They were thrilled with my pictures and text.  I was thrilled that they linked me to their site.

I am reading… Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis by Lauren Winner.  It’s about that middle time when you feel life is falling apart and God has moved away from you.  I’m enjoying it, although it doesn’t seem to have much of a point yet.  I’m also reading It Won’t Be Yoga by Melissa Camara Wilkins.  Melissa is the coordinator of the Six Words Friday that I participate in.  Her essay is a humorous look at her efforts to exercise with small children underfoot.

I am hoping… to get everything done tomorrow that needs to be done before the new workweek starts.  I did laundry and vacuuming last weekend.  This weekend is a bit more laundry, cleaning bathrooms and paying bills.  Oh goodie.

I am looking forward to… going to the botanical gardens tomorrow and see what else is in bloom.  Hopefully the sky will be a pretty blue and not this flat gray we’ve been having lately.

I am learning… not much lately.  I’ve had a real lack of time and energy and am just trying to get done the minimum to keep things functional.  I am trying a new diet though.  We cut the beagle’s food in half and have been adding big piles of green beans to it.  He’s been more full, less begging and is starting to loose some weight.  I’m trying the same.  I’ve added a lot more vegetables to my diet and cutting portion sizes more.  I haven’t lose weight yet, but I’m only a few days trying it.

Around the house… are books and papers everywhere.  I don’t think it’ll take long to clean it.  I just don’t feel like doing it.  Maybe tomorrow I will.

I am pondering… how to current with all the blogs I follow and enjoy.  I don’t want to cut back on reading them, but I am not keeping up very well.  There’s so much good stuff out there, but it’s zapping time for my own things.  I am also pondering creating essays for publication based on the life lessons learned from my maternal and paternal grandparents.  My favorite boy toy surprised me today when he enumerated all the things he’d learned from my grandparents.  I had no idea he’d listened that closely to them.

A favorite quote for today…

. . . middles are often defined by what they are not:
the space, the years in between that which is no longer
what came before and that which is not yet what will come later.
. . . the term “Middle Ages” implies that the stretch of time under
consideration is less interesting than
the exaltations of classical grandeur
or the wonders of today. 

Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis by Lauren Winner

One of my favorite things… is talking to my daughter most days.  I’m enjoying relating to her as an adult, getting her input on problems I’m having at work, and hearing about her days.  We’re much closer than I thought we would be at this time.

A few plans for the rest of the week… it’s quarter close and my team is running late.  Monday everything must be done.  Hopefully there will not be unusual overtime next week though.  The process has improved a lot since I first started working at my employer.

Here’s my the new header picture for my blog.  This was taken at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens a week ago.

Daybook Entry – February 28

FOR TODAY – Tuesday, 2/28/12

Right now I am. . . at Cracker Barrel, waiting for my breakfast to come as I stare at the fire.  I scored a front row seat and have a great view of the warm, crackling flames.

I am wearing. . . my black dress pants and dress shoes.  I don’t think I’ll be walking during lunch today, otherwise I’d have on my dressy black gym shoes.  I also am wearing a long-sleeve, pink turtleneck t-shirt.  That plus my black sweater will keep me warm at my desk during the day today.

I am creating. . . a 2011 family photo album from the multitude of pictures that I took last year.  I’m meeting a friend later today for coffee and he wants to see family pictures.  I’ve pulled together enough to share with him, but now that I’ve done a first draft, there’s much more I can do with it.  Nothing is labeled, but if you want to see last year, it’s here along the right side.  Towards the end are pictures from the short trips we took last year – Willliamsburg, Chadds Ford, and Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.

I am going. . . to have a good day.  I don’t know why – I just feel that I am.  This is really nice to be in such a good mood before work, to feel relaxed and that all is well in my life at this moment.  Not that my brain hasn’t stopped working since. . .

I am wondering. . . how to pay down our many bills even with my bonus, whether I really want to invest the time or money to go to the writer’s conference, and what further changes I need in my daily routines to exercise more, write more, and remain diligent at work.

I am reading. . . “Home: What It Means and Why It Matters” by Mary Gordon.  The first half was great and I felt had many good points about why home is important.  The second half though has become preachy and whiney and I feel like I’m reading a different book.

I am hoping. . . for some answered prayers about my life.  I am hoping a situation at work smooths out for a co-worker who is struggling right now.  I am hoping to keep up the swimming and new yoga workouts as I do feel better for it.

I am looking forward to. . . seeing my friend this afternoon.  We’ve known each other since before our children were born, when he was doing some consulting for me early in my career.  We see each other every few years and it’s always fun to catch up on our families and jobs.  He recently retired and has gone on to a new career and I am looking forward to hearing his excitement about it.

I am learning. . . how to use a piece of writing software called Scrivener for which I will post a review this week at A Daily Life.  I’m also learning some new yoga moves from a set of CD’s put out by Yoga Journal for a 21 day challenge.  I couldn’t do day 1 even with rewinding it multiple times.  I finally skipped ahead to day 2 and did much better.

Around the house. . . the new dog beds are shedding fleece everywhere.  The laundry fairy came (me).  My new computer is upstairs (the old iMac from my favorite boy toy’s office), but the Internet reception is so poor as to be non-existent.  We’ve called Verizon about this before and they have no solutions.  I think we’ll have to go to Best Buy and see if they have some way to boost the signal.

I am pondering. . . how I could memorialize Leap Day this year.  I don’t want to let it go without even acknowledging it.  Unfortunately, it will probably be a day like every other day.

A favorite quote for today. . .

 “Remember, just because something doesn’t last forever
doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth your while.”

Marc & Angel Hack Life

One of my favorite things. . . are my books.  Over the weekend, I went through and made two small piles of books I want to reread this year and books I’d like to reread when I have time.  I’ll list them out when I update my progress on my goals.

A few plans for the rest of the week. . . I’m doing some training on using our software at work. The younger staff has all kinds of questions, so it’s easier to get them all together over lunch.  I’m also getting ready for a tax audit next week.  I’ve not worked with this auditor before, but she’s been good to deal with on the phone so far.

And that’s the day so far!

Something Old, New & A Re-Do

Today’s February Joy Dare was to find a gift nearly worn out, a gift new, a gift made-do.  The Joy Dare’s really help me to see God in the small things of life and to appreciate the many gifts that are around me.

A gift worn out – my old black T-shirt that I wore today.  It wasn’t quite warm enough and later I put on a heavier sheet as we went from 80 degrees yesterday to barely 50, complete with high winds most of the day.  I used to wear that black shirt to work years ago.  It’s faded, a little pilled, but oh-so-comfortable.  I’d wear it all the time if I could.  I love it when clothes better as they get worn out.

A gift new – we got the dogs their new beds – all three of them.  Yes, the little guy got one of his own too.  He’s been using it!  He still likes to sprawl out on the big dogs bed, but he’s enjoying having one of his own.  So far, dog #1 has not tried to stuff himself into it like he did the cat bed.

A gift made-do – my favorite boy toy recently completed a big job.  He struggled with his iMac.  It kept bogging down, taking precious  minutes to complete a task.  He made enough from the job to get a new computer with a faster graphics card, more storage and more memory.  The same tasks are now done in a few seconds.

It’s possible his old computer is having a hardware failure, but he got it scratched and restored and now it’s mine.  So in addition to my laptop, I have a full size iMac with the latest version of Lion on it, plus a copy of my Photoshop Elements, Topaz filters, and Apple’s Pages.  I love the big bright screen.  Even if the hardware eventually fails, it’s nice having a computer up in my office instead of dragging my laptop all over the house.

I also have one more gift from today – actually, I read the dare wrong and had recorded this before realizing my mistake:

A gift re-do – a few days ago I mentioned that I was no longer swimming due to the time it took.  After thinking it over for a few days, I realized the time commitment to swim 3x / week, including driving to & from plus showering would be roughly the same was walking 4x / week.  My cardio workout from swimming is much better, I catch less colds, and swimming makes me feel really good after I toughen up to it.  So I re-upped my gym membership for another year and started swimming again.  As I get back into a routine swimming, I will probably spend my lunch time either taking pictures, writing or reading.

I thank God for my nice clothes that last long enough to be worn on weekends, that I can afford to buy new beds for my boys, for an answer to my prayer for a regular computer, and for exercise that agrees with me and improves my health.

It was a good day today.  No wandering though, but I did enjoy reading and cuddling a dog.

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