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Rise and Shine To Go Fishing

My sister and I and our families took a wonderful vacation “up north” the summer my daughter graduated from high school.  My brother-in-law and his daughter (my niece – the one that plays the flute) went out early one morning to go fishing.  It was definitely a rise and shine type of morning to get…

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Outside To Make Tea

I love tea – love it love it love it.  I drink it mostly iced, even in the dead of winter.  Several years ago, one of the blogs I followed talked about doing mason jar sun tea.  I loved the idea and have been making it ever since, especially on the weekends. I am very simple…

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Interact With A Sunbeam

It’s a neverending source of amusement to watch the animals interact with a sunbeam.  I think they have built-in solar panels that automatically know which way to face to maximize their usage of natural warmth for maximum doziness.  I was surprised to find out that the dogs do this also, although it is not quite as high an…

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