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Still Life With Tea

Tonight I unexpectedly nurtured my creativity by going prop shopping.  I have some ideas for pictures this weekend and needed some different types of teas.  I will, of course, have to taste test them as I take pictures! I was thankful to not have many crowds.  I went straight from work, which helped, but by…

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Ode To A Straw

I love using straws!  It keeps my teeth from hurting from cold liquids.  The iced tea comes up, goes to the back of my mouth, where I taste and savor it before swallowing. I don’t like drinking my iced tea without a straw or a travel mug (sippy cups for adults).  The likelihood of sloshing…

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Outside To Make Tea

I love tea – love it love it love it.  I drink it mostly iced, even in the dead of winter.  Several years ago, one of the blogs I followed talked about doing mason jar sun tea.  I loved the idea and have been making it ever since, especially on the weekends. I am very simple…

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