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Spring Came

Today’s theme for Six Word Friday is “spring”, an appropriate word considering the flowers in bloom that I showed you recently.  However, there is one other sign that spring is coming – and I am right another year – haven’t missed one yet – YES! – spring comes with snow shivering robins A few weeks ago,…

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Freeze Is Often Welcomed

What a week!  An earthquake on Tuesday and a hurricane on Saturday.  Everything is fine – we lost power for about 12 hours but had no damage from that or the wind & rain.  Here’s my post for today: The first freeze in the fall is often a welcome event.  I’m ready for the garden to…

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Well Water Is the Pits

Growing up and living in rural areas means having well water.  I know there are places with good tasting and safe to drink well water, but I didn’t have that. My childhood home had water that stunk like rotten eggs – yep, sulfur – and was so mineral laden is could ruin any appliance or…

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