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Surrendering To God

On Saturday, I told some of the story of how I became a working mother and my husband was the stay-at-home parent (click here to read it).  Thanks to everyone for the comments!  I appreciated it. There was more to the story, so I thought I’d continue it today. My acceptance of God’s will in…

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Brew Up Some Tea

Earlier this year, the word of the day was drink and I wrote about how I like to drink water.  My sister took one look at the picture and said, “What about me?  I like to drink coffee!”  And she’s right, she does.  Her morning does not start until she has that first cup, yet…

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Zone – Twilight Zone of 9/11

Ten years ago today, I called my sister early to wish her a Happy Birthday.  We had a wonderful call, then I went back to work.  A few minutes later, a terrorist event began on U.S. soil that was like a script from the Twilight Zone, complete with special effects that were unfortunately too real.…

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Trading Places Was Not For Me

My sister and I have enjoyed a close relationship for our entire life.  As we started our families, I was a working mother, she was a stay-at-home mother.  I didn’t particularly want to work, but I had significantly higher earnings than my favorite boy toy.  She loved staying at home with her children, something she wanted…

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Witch For Halloween

My sister and I did not go trick & treating very often.  We lived in a fairly rural area with no close neighbors and my mother wasn’t very keen on us eating a bunch of candy, let alone from a stranger.  There were just enough occurrences of poisoning and tampering every year to make her…

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Called On The Phone

In this picture, my daughter is not yet walking or even crawling.  Within a year she would be and then the fun began.  As soon as I’d get on the phone, she raced off to get into as much trouble as she could.  Her specialty was climbing up on the kitchen table, then walking off…

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