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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

This week’s photo challenge is renewal. To the author, Cheri Lucas, it conjures up beginnings, life, and opportunity. To me, it’s what happens when puppies play hard and then sleep hard, renewing their energy for more playtime.  So, here we go: If Mom won’t play, ATTACK! The best toys are the ones you find yourself –…

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How I Spent My Vacation

Remember when we would go back to school in the fall and the first assignment was an essay to write about what we did during our summer vacation?  Well, it’s much more fun to do when it’s a blog and no one’s grading it. I had a great time in Atlanta!  I drove down the Thursday…

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Moved Fast With Toy

When I visited my daughter last month, she brought in two of the puppies to amuse us.  These little boogers moved fast!  I finally got my better camera out and put it on continuous shoot.  I clicked off several hundred shots in a short time and thankfully, there were some keepers of the whirling dervishes,…

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