Babies Now Versus Then

Awww. . . a baby bear hat!  My son-in-law couldn't wait to finally take this picture.
Awww. . . a baby bear hat! My son-in-law couldn’t wait to finally take this picture.

My grandson is two weeks already!  Him and his parents are doing well, albeit with the usual issues of lack of sleep and trying to figure out why he might be crying this time.  In other words, everything is normal.

This week’s photo challenge is “reward”.  Last fall, I wrote a post about parenthood being the ultimate endurance test (to see my post, click here).  One of the things I didn’t mention though, is that having grandchildren is one of the rewards for parenting.

I’ve enjoyed watching my daughter and son-in-law learn to take care of a baby and each other.  Initially, it took two of them to change the diaper.  Nursing was another learning curve, as were the trips back to the doctor for both the baby and my daughter, for well baby checks and questions she had about her recovery.  They figured out how to dress the baby for the cold, get him in and out of the car, plus planning ahead for what all needed to be in the diaper bag.

My sister and I both remember that learning curve well.  We’ve spent a fair amount of time this last week comparing how it was for our first few days home from the hospital and how our husbands learned along with us.

For a further trip down memory lane, I thought I’d share some photos of my grandson versus his mother.

At seven months pregnant, she was smaller than I was, although her 6″ difference in height helped her!

My daughter wasn’t too enthused about how she looked right after the baby was born, but I assured her that all women look that tired, sweaty, and worn out.

The fathers help take care of the baby too.

And then we have pass the baby –

even among the grandparents.

Eventually Mom gets the baby back again.

Aren’t the babies just cute?

Lastly, here are some other pictures of my grandson for your enjoyment!

I’d like to thank my son-in-law and daughter for providing some of these pictures.  The uncle and grandfather are my son-in-law’s family.  The aunt is my sister and the great-grandmother was my maternal grandmother.  I have posts about my sister here and here; posts about my maternal grandmother are here and here.

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Battle of the Turkeys

My son-in-law, my daughter, and his cousin's wife
My son-in-law, my daughter, and his cousin’s wife

One of the newest traditions for Thanksgiving is the battle of the turkeys, done for the second time this year.

My daughter roasts a turkey in the oven; my son-in-law smokes it in the Big Green Egg.  There’s a fair amount of taunting teasing as to who will have the superior turkey, along with the usual craziness of trying to get them to both finish at the same time.

And for the second year, the oven roasted turkey won!  My poor son-in-law.  He needs to up his game if he’s going to win this challenge.  It’s either that or get razzed again next year.

My son-in-law relaxing while waiting on the turkey in the smoker.
My son-in-law relaxing while waiting on the turkey in the smoker.

And for your entertainment, I also have some baby bump pictures.  My daughter finally looks pregnant!

Common Enchantment

Vizsla sleeping on the couch, where he is NOT supposed to be.
Vizsla sleeping on the couch, where he is NOT supposed to be.

We wait, starving for moments of high magic to inspire us, but life is full of common enchantment waiting for our alchemist’s eye to notice.
– Jacob Nordby / Author, Speaker, Coach

We had a wonderful time visiting the kids in Atlanta.  My daughter is doing well, sprouting along in her 7th month of pregnancy.  My son-in-law is also doing well and like good husband’s everywhere, has learned to let it slide when his wife’s hormones kick in and she snaps at him.  Her father also got snapped at and he too just backed away.

As for me, she complained about how uncomfortable she is, how bad her heartburn is, and how junior won’t stop kicking her, especially at night.  As nicely as I could, I turned around, put a pleasant look on my face and said, “payback’s a bitch”.  She was not amused.

I started some steps towards a job search before I left and spent today doing a great deal more.  I’m still not settled into a routine nor have I been nurturing my creativity.  But late last night I wanted a simple project, so I processed up a sleeping dog.  The Vizsla is getting so gray!  He turned ten years old this month, so there is a reason for all the gray.

I was looking for a quote to match the picture, when I found the one above.  One thing my blog is full of are ordinary moments in a day.  Dog pictures, the backyard, walking at the local botanical garden are all part of my portfolio.  I have some spectacular pictures too – Acadia National Park, Harper’s Ferry (West Virginia), Charleston (South Carolina).  But my life is limited by my job and my time.  If I don’t find enchantment right here where I’m at, my life will be small and miserable.  I love the high magic as much as anyone, but it’s not realistic nor is it something to be seeking.

I need to notice the enchantment that is around me right where I’m at.  I need to enjoy and appreciate my life, whether buying groceries with my husband or talking to a recruiter about possible job opportunities here in town.  What better way to enjoy the little things than to pet a sleeping dog, stroke those soft ears, and maybe even get a little grunt of contentment from him?

Life is good.

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Baby Bump

There are four stages for enjoying a happy event:
— anticipation (looking forward to it)
— savoring (enjoying it in the moment)
— expression (sharing your pleasure with others)
— reflection (looking back on happy times –
  which is why it may be a good idea to take pictures,
  keep a one-sentence journal, collect mementos, etc.)
– Gretchen Rubin
Author, The Happiness Project

Here are the much requested photos of the baby bump!  And I had to get my daughter in a lobster bib. . . not once, but twice!  And oh, look – Junior wanted some blueberry pie to eat.  Yum!

How do you like that baby bump?  What’s that you say?  She’s starting her sixth month and that’s it?  Yep, that’s it.  Of course being as tall as she is helps quite a bit, plus all her exercise and fitness.  I’m 6″ shorter; by that point in my pregnancy I looked like I swallowed a volleyball.

She’s looking good though and she felt good for the trip.  I had warned her that I’d be taking pictures, so she was a good sport about it.

As for nurturing my creativity, some nights it’s fun to just sit and work on photos.  It’s fun (and nurturing) to look through them, process them without a lot of correction, and simply enjoy reliving the moment they were taken.  The quote above was from Gretchen Rubin’s blog and the post can be read in its entirety here.  Tonight was expression and reflection of a happy memory and fun with my daughter before the baby comes.

I’m not sure which one is my favorite, but I think her holding the blueberry pie is the one I like best.  She has such a pretty expression on her face!

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