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Traveling Helps My Creativity

All photography, including travel photography, can provide an essential means of communication. Images have the potential to expose people to new locations, diverse lifestyles and wide-ranging ideas. They can help educate, raise awareness, and provide insight into an unfamiliar world. The making of a photograph is a process of discovery and self-expression. They can reveal…

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Elvis and Passion

For New Year’s Eve, my favorite boy toy and I went to the Virginia Museum of Fine Art.  While we aren’t big fans of Elvis Presley, we went to the exhibit since we were already there.  I was glad we did. The photographer, Alfred Wertheimer, had unlimited access to Elvis.  While some pictures were posed, most…

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Pluck Takes Courage

I am constantly trying new things and have done so since I was a child when I sewed my own clothes, trained one of my childhood dogs, knitted, crocheted and cooked.  I made candles, did leatherwork, roller skated, ice skated (even some fancy jumps), rode and showed horses, played chess, and did debate.  I even played…

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