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The Bees Are Back!

I’d love to try beekeeping, but our house is very close to multiple neighbors and I’m a bit leery of having a bee hive in my backyard.  However, each year I’ve tried to make my yard as bee friendly as I can.  The bees are fun (dog #1 loves them – it entertains him for…

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Quits On The Spearmint

Shortly before going to Atlanta, my spearmint was dying in the center of the pot.  I found it odd that the heat would affect it like that, as in past summers the heat never fazed it.  While I was gone, my favorite boy toy moved the herbs to stain the deck and discovered that the…

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Shaken, Not Stirred

Yes, yes, I used that one!!  And I use it every time I go to Starbucks and get an iced tea – “I would like a black, unsweetened, venti iced tea.  Shaken, not stirred.”  They laugh at me, but the truth is that they actually make their tea by shaking it in a martini shaker.  And…

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