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Appointed a Guardian

I’ve written previously about how fiercely protective my miniature pinscher is of his Momma.  As far as he’s concerned, he was appointed guardian of my life. Yahoo News recently had a video clip of a miniature pinscher type dog driving off two men trying to rob a tobacco store.  They had guns too, but turned and ran…

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Discontinue that Feud

Our daughter came to visit this weekend.  Since we got the miniature pinscher over three years ago, he has hated her with a passion.  There was no particular reason other than the fact she was not me.  And he wasn’t afraid to let her know that if he was only a bit bigger. . .…

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Loaded For Action At All Times

Loaded – Having a live round of ammunition in the chamber; armed. See this sweet little face?  So cute.  So adorable.  But he has a mission in life – to protect his momma from any danger that could possibly come her way.  Anyone that he can see is a potential danger.  And he will protect me to…

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