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What Inspires Me

The question I’ve been mulling over this week is what inspires me? This came from this week’s management tip on lynda.com by Todd Dewett called, “Inspiration Is A Choice” in which he stated that inspiration is not a random occurrence, but is a choice. According to the dictionary, to inspire is: to exert an animating, enlivening,…

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Travel Theme: Bridges

Sometimes I experience new things in life simply by being in the right place at the right time.  In fall of 2011, a new bridge was put in for easier access to Brown’s Island in downtown Richmond (Virginia).  I wrote about it here and posted a few pictures from that day. Ailsa, over at Where’s…

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2013 Goals So Far

I finally posted my 2013 goal ideas which were written up in early January.  I’ve been busy working away at them, which is part of why I’m blogging less frequently than usual.  As much as I enjoy writing and sharing my photographs, I also enjoy getting things done that need or want to get done. So. . .…

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