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Rival for Sunlight

 This oak willow tree is just starting to fill in, one of the last of our trees to fully leaf out.  When it does, it will pretty much hide the neighbor behind us.  Unfortunately, it’s very close to the tall pine trees to the right, which is a rival for sunlight.  You cannot see it…

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Bye To Winter

Earlier this year, I started taking daily photos.  It was a challenge for me to find something every day to photograph.  The various articles that I’d read (see the sidebar for links) encouraged it as a way to increase creativity, improve photo technique, and at the end of the year, have a visual diary of…

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Firm – A Place I’ve Worked

Firm (from Wiktionary) – A business enterprise, however organized. When I lived in Omaha, the firm I worked for was ConAgra Foods.  The campus was gorgeous – a jewel in downtown.  Here is the front of the building that I worked in, taken when everything was lush and green.  Word for tomorrow – DEAR.  If you…

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