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Gift in Wind, Water, White

Monday’s March Joy Dare was to find a gift in wind, in water and in white.  I have to be attentive to the present moment to find God’s presence in gifts as diverse as this.  And I did! Sunday, I took a long walk at the woods with dog #1.  It was cool and only a moderate…

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Something Old, New & A Re-Do

Today’s February Joy Dare was to find a gift nearly worn out, a gift new, a gift made-do.  The Joy Dare’s really help me to see God in the small things of life and to appreciate the many gifts that are around me. A gift worn out – my old black T-shirt that I wore today. …

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Gifts On The Hours

The January Joy Dare for today called for observation of gifts before 9 am, noon, and after dark.  I’ve always enjoyed activities that call for a remembrance on the hour, whether praying a short prayer every sixty minutes to the opening the small gifts of cheering up from my sister to books that give inspirations…

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