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Marry Fragrances For The Holidays

Just a reminder that Norad is tracking Santa’s progress around the world.  I’ve enjoyed this for quite a few years – check it out here. Scents evoke so many  memories and emotions.  I love the way the house smells after making butternut squash, turkey or especially cookies.  It’s easy to marry up compatible fragrances for some…

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Home Is Where We Are

My favorite boy toy and I have moved 13 times in our marriage, including our first apartment when we got married, and lived in 8 different states. It’s hard to explain quite how that happened.  The first few moves were setting up our household, then a small fixer-upper, then a medium fixer-upper and finally a bigger…

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Well Water Is the Pits

Growing up and living in rural areas means having well water.  I know there are places with good tasting and safe to drink well water, but I didn’t have that. My childhood home had water that stunk like rotten eggs – yep, sulfur – and was so mineral laden is could ruin any appliance or…

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