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Saturday Errands

My sweetie and I woke up Saturday to a gray and dreary day.  Although it was icy on the trees, the deck and the windshield, the roads were warm enough to be safe. After breakfast at Cracker Barrel (my favorite place for breakfast!), we decided to do some errands.    My sweetie has been doing most of our…

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Squirrel Blind To Danger

I recently posted a picture of the hawk roosting in our backyard. It’s been back again in our yard, this time dangling a dead squirrel.  I’m so thankful it wasn’t a dead miniature pinscher.  Although we have plenty of squirrels, I’m saddened that the squirrels that day were blind to the danger. I don’t have…

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Clear Trees Gave Visibility

I’m so thankful that our miniature pinscher was inside snoozing when this visitor came by.  The trees are clear of leaves, so there was good visibility to see that the tree suddenly acquired something additional.  The hawk was big, so it’s probably a female redtail in winter plumage. It was facing our neighbor’s yard until it heard my…

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