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Babies Now Versus Then

My grandson is two weeks already!  Him and his parents are doing well, albeit with the usual issues of lack of sleep and trying to figure out why he might be crying this time.  In other words, everything is normal. This week’s photo challenge is “reward”.  Last fall, I wrote a post about parenthood being…

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This year’s Valentine present came just a few hours late!  Baby boy was nearly 8 lbs. and 20 inches. Everyone is doing well. I’m a grandmother!

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Christmas Long Ago

This year for Christmas, I’ve been fascinated with decorations.  I want to look at them, photograph them, and just enjoy them.  I was browsing the Williams-Sonoma catalog and found a lovely set of Christmas plates and started drooling.  I wanted those plates!  It didn’t make sense.  We don’t have parties or entertain.  We go to…

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My Maternal Grandmother

In my final nod to Women’s History Month, I wanted to share stories from my maternal grandmother’s life.  I’ve enjoyed sharing two other heroes – Jane Addams and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, but our lives are influenced by more by the women directly in our lives. My maternal grandmother had a hard life.  She was orphaned at…

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Chat Makes Relationships Better

Today’s theme for Six Word Friday is “chat”.  I had some fun with it – six lines of six words! Chat is such a simple word Neighbors become friends; friends become family Offenses lessen when affections are built. Grandmothers chat over the back fence Children hear and later become mothers And repeat the stories to next…

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Verify My Assumptions

My high school was an average school with average students.  At least, that’s how I’ve usually thought of it.  Many of had successes and have gone to own businesses, work in various professions, even go to Hollywood (without success).  In general though, few of us have made national news or achieved national prominence. But you…

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Shoot And Bring It Home

There are so many stories from the Great Depression of what people did to feed their families and survive.  My family has many of them, from my paternal grandfather who supported multiple families with his paycheck to my maternal great-uncle (below, with his wife and children, my mother’s cousins). My great-uncle had a hard life.  He walked…

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Tone Set for Mischief

We took a bunch of pictures at my great-aunt’s funeral.  This one of my Dad with his brother and sister was one of the best.  My aunt is smiling so nicely at the camera.  I’m not sure when she realized that my Dad did not have his arm lovingly draped around her, but was engaged…

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Browse Through My Pictures

I love to browse through my pictures, especially the old ones.  There are so many fond memories there, of places I’ve been to and people I have known.  This fall I’d like to begin scanning the old photos again to have more of the old ones available to me. Here’s my maternal grandmother on her…

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