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Best 2012 Nature Photographs

Alex West, over at a Scientific American Magazine blog called Compound Eye, has invited photographers to share their favorite 2012 nature photographs (a big thank you to Chris Goforth who mentioned this in her blog, The Dragonfly Woman). How could I resist the opportunity to go back through last year’s photos and pick my favorites? …

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Fall Is Coming

Lately the nights are cool and so are the early mornings.  It’s been a welcomed relief from the record-breaking heat we’ve had this summer.  Until I heard the geese overhead, honking as they flew in formation.  And I thought, fall is coming. It’s been several things now.  I first heard the geese several weeks ago,…

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Goldfinch In The Basil

  Henry David Thoreau observed that people will travel all over the world to see the sights, but don’t even know what’s in their own backyard. I don’t have that problem.  In my post the other day, I shared the laughter of how a momma robin outsmarted me while trying to feed her babies and keep…

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