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Ode To A Straw

I love using straws!  It keeps my teeth from hurting from cold liquids.  The iced tea comes up, goes to the back of my mouth, where I taste and savor it before swallowing. I don’t like drinking my iced tea without a straw or a travel mug (sippy cups for adults).  The likelihood of sloshing…

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Well Water Is the Pits

Growing up and living in rural areas means having well water.  I know there are places with good tasting and safe to drink well water, but I didn’t have that. My childhood home had water that stunk like rotten eggs – yep, sulfur – and was so mineral laden is could ruin any appliance or…

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Drink More Water (Mostly)

One thing you’ll often see is me with water.  I don’t drink coffee, although as I’ve gotten older I do drink iced tea in the morning to help me wake up.  My favorite boy toy started drinking coffee when he was 16.  I didn’t need a wake-up glass of tea until I was 50.  He was…

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