Brilliant Sunshine Draws Me In

Somedays I’m tired of the limits of where I can walk during lunch and take my photos.  And then the light will glisten just thus and so, brilliant as it glitters in the water and presto!  I’m there with the camera, eager to take pictures.

This was such a day back in October.  The photo is good, but barely represents how gorgeous my walk was that day.

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Opposite Buildings Are Photographic

I didn’t start 2011 with the goal of taking a photo every day.  It wasn’t until February that I started to do it, although when I checked my inventory of the year at that time, I’d taken a picture of something nearly every day anyhow.

Here’s one I took shortly before I consistently took a daily photo.  These are the buildings opposite to where I work.  It appealed to me that night because of how strong the colors were and how very yellow the light was shining.  This photo is unaltered – if I ran it through Photoshop, I could probably improve it more.

I’ve always been fascinated with these buildings opposite me.  I tried for several weeks to watch when the sun set.  At what moment did the light stop shining on the buildings – when did the shadows totally take over?  I never did see it happen – I’d blink and the light was gone.  It was like watching when the sun actually sinks over the horizon.  You never see exactly when it happens.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!  Mine will be busy with chores, but there should be time to relax, even if it is too cold to read out on the deck.

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