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2020 Gratitudes

This year saw so many changes for me, from going back to work to the last of my old dogs dying to moving three states away to live down the street from my (our) daughter and her family. There was still much to be grateful for.

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Briefly They Touch Our Lives

The other day, I used the random word “intense” to describe the kitten at play. One of my fellow bloggers, Random Thoughts From Midlife, asked where the kitten went to when I said he was gone.  I realize that I was not very clear in my post. The kitten died last year, at the age of nine…

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Decline of an Old Dog

One of the hardest things in life is when your  beloved pet  goes into a final decline at the end of their life.  This picture here is one of my Dad’s hunting dogs who was also a much loved house dog, much to his dismay.  She followed my sister and I everywhere, was housebroken and not destructive…

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