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Travel Theme: Animals

This week’s travel theme is animals.  It’s so easy to reach for perfect in blogland (yes, a new word probably already invented by someone).  Exotic animals and exotic travels around the world often seems to be the norm for so many others. So, being me, I’m instead sharing photos of animals that I took at some of…

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Spring at Pennsbury Inn

One of the things we like about Pennsbury Inn is their gorgeous grounds.  Although they are several weeks behind Virginia, spring has arrived there also. I noticed the pretty smell when I walked past this.  It smells like lilacs and looks like lilacs, but I forgot to ask if that’s what it was. The pussy…

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Sideways Glaring At Me

We had a little drama the other night – the Momma Cardinal was teaching this little guy to fly and he got stranded on our deck for a few minutes.  There wasn’t much time to swing the camera up and click away.  He sensed us enough through the glass to turn sideways and glare at us.  Momma…

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