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Smiles From Strangers

I’m always surprised when strangers smile at me, even more so when they say niceties such as “how are you today?”. It happened again the other day.  I wasn’t feeling too good and I had a tough morning working on a sticky problem.  I went for my walk during lunch, really wrapped up in my…

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Travel Theme: Bridges

Sometimes I experience new things in life simply by being in the right place at the right time.  In fall of 2011, a new bridge was put in for easier access to Brown’s Island in downtown Richmond (Virginia).  I wrote about it here and posted a few pictures from that day. Ailsa, over at Where’s…

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Hush To Watch Bridge Move

There was some excitement yesterday at work!  The footbridge going over to the island is needing replacement.  Construction has been going on for several months to put up a new one (I believe it is temporary, but am not certain) and yesterday was the day the new bridge was moved into place. I am thankful for…

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