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Topaz Labs Free Trial

If you’re considering buying or using Topaz Labs products, I suggest you download a free trial now. Topaz often runs a sale of some sort on Black Friday (i.e., the day after Thanksgiving when the Christmas shopping bargains happen). I don’t know if they are this year, but they have in the past. This way – with…

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Too Much Advertising

This week’s Six Word Friday uses the word “stuff”.  My six words describes how I am NOT spending Black Friday. Too much advertising stuffs my E-mail.  My favorite boy toy and I took our vacation that was delayed by Hurricane Sandy and spent this last week wandering our way down to Atlanta to see our…

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Black Friday Update

It’s been a hard and strenuous Black Friday.  Somehow has to go out there, fight the crowds, and spend their money.  And you know what?  It wasn’t us. Nope.  We slept in late, had an even later breakfast at IHop, and spent the afternoon watching the Cooking Channel, surfing the Internet, reading, and visiting.  Oh yes,…

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