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Passion For My Job

I’m thankful today to have my job.  It supports my favorite boy toy and myself, I am talented with it, and I have passion for it. Just like the passion this bee had burrowing itself into this hollyhock and emerging covered in pollen.  If you can’t see the pollen grains, double click the picture and enlarge it. Word for…

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Over The Flowers Are The Bees

Hovering and flying over the flowers at this time of the year are the bees.  While I’d mentioned earlier that I only saw one bee regularly on the salvia, my favorite boy toy said he’s seen quite a lot of bees during the day.  There must be – my squash plants, while not very big, have a lot…

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Extract All the Pollen

I planted the salvia last weekend and by today, it was starting to bloom.  And a bee showed up to extract pollen.  Just one, although it was enough to entertain the dog for quite a while, the same as last year.  I don’t want to have bee hives in my yard due to the close proximity of…

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