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A Walk With Mom

Dear kind and gentle readers – yes, it’s once again me, the beagle. I’m really liking Mom being home during the day.  Why?  Because she’s taking me for a walk nearly every day.  Oh such joy – I get to check pee mail!  Poop on the neighbors lawns!  And best of all, I’m finding all…

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Play Ball!

One thing I love in the summer and early fall is being able to sit outside on the deck after work, visiting with my boy toy and watching him play with the dogs. It’s a predictable sequence to the game – The beagle brings the ball It’s not dead enough, so he keeps playing with…

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Happy Thursday!

It’s Thursday again and time for another chuckle.  Here’s what happens when dog #1 gets bounced around the couch during a game of keep away with his daddy and the beagle decides to join in the fun.  You know the game – it’s my toy, not yours and I’m not giving it up. Made ya’ smile! A Daily Life…

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