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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Everything that’s lovely is But a brief, dreamy kind of delight. ― W.B. Yeats, Poems I like the things around me to be beautiful and slightly dreamy, with a feeling of worldliness. ― Alice Temperley This week’s photo challenge is “dreamy”, which Wikitionary defines as “having a pleasant or romantic atmosphere”. The Lewis Ginter Botanical gardens…

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Foodie Tour!

I’m doing this from my phone, so I won’t write much. We’re having fun and the food is great!  The tour was through Maine Foodie Tours and our guide did a wonderful job of showing us around and explaining things. I’m having trouble embedding a link, so here it is:  http://www.mainefoodietours.com/.  

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Belly Laughs Help Everything

Laughter helps everything, including my creativity.  It takes me outside of myself, resets my mind, and makes me happier. So to help you laugh, here are some old pictures of not one, but two – count them TWO – baby Vizslas.  The one with the red collar belonged to my daughter and was just a…

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Traveling Helps My Creativity

All photography, including travel photography, can provide an essential means of communication. Images have the potential to expose people to new locations, diverse lifestyles and wide-ranging ideas. They can help educate, raise awareness, and provide insight into an unfamiliar world. The making of a photograph is a process of discovery and self-expression. They can reveal…

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Chaos Is Inevitable – Part 2

A not-so-funny thing happens along the way to extraordinary results. Untidiness.  Unrest.  Disarray.  Disorder. . . Messes are inevitable when you focus on just one thing. . . One of the greatest thieves of productivity is the unwillingness to allow for chaos or the lack of creativity in dealing with it. Gary Keller and Jay…

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Chaos Is Inevitable – Part 1

In chaos, all is possible.  Every incoming idea is welcomed, with no regard for reality.  Forget time, money or reason; embrace a brimming universe! Because if you start with rules, your creation will be stillborn. Philippe Petit in “Creativity: The Perfect Crime” Along with the learning curve is the inevitable chaos that accompanies it.  It’s just…

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Patience for the Learning Curve

This is the essence of Rembrandt’s advice to Van Hoogstraten: the authentic craft develops naturally from one’s own experience. So, it seems reasonable to suggest that the search should not be for the lost secrets, but for one’s own practice. This is in fact easy, you start making things. At first they might not be…

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