Photography Techniques

Interested in how I post-processed some photography?  Check here for more information:

Vines and Brick (AB Friday November 2015)

Street Art (AB Friday September 2015)

Stone, Water and Sky (AB Friday August 2015)

The Muse Has Left The Building

Capitol Building (AB Friday July 2015)

House (AB Friday June 2015)

Happy Mother’s Day

Red Teeter-Tooter (AB Friday May 2015)

Tree Creates Fantasy Portal (ABFriday April 2015)

Statue Before and After (ABFriday March 2015)

A Walk With Mom

Building Before and After (ABFriday February 2015)

My Fancy Truck Photo (ABFriday January 2015)

Fixing a Dog Photo

The Beauty of Shadows

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Post Processing Stained Glass

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

Experimenting with Topaz Labs Filters

Little Red Building Different Ways

Fun Foto Challenge: Cars and Trucks





    1. Thanks Christine! I was looking back through some of my 2011 blog and was blown away by how much better my photography has become. I’m glad I kept working on it.

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