Top 5 Yearly Accomplishments

My top five accomplishments each year for the last few years are listed below.  There are links for many of these things, which I hope to eventually add in.

Clearly there are some overall themes here, my family being one of the biggest items, followed by travel and my photography.  Still, I’m glad to see the list of top five accomplishments is actually changing each year!


  1. Traveled by myself for vacation
  2. Enjoyed time with my daughter
  3. Survived at work (February layoffs) and transitioned when I was released (November)
  4. Fixed up the house (removed garden, replaced / trimmed trees, shower stall)
  5. Got our financial affairs in better order


  1. Lost weight!!
  2. My daughter getting married to a great guy
  3. Fixed up the house with new windows and blinds
  4. Took a road trip to Georgia and Alabama (mostly for work, but was gone for two weeks)
  5. Took a nice vacation to Maine

2012 (click here for details)

  1. Lingered in the moment more often
  2. Learned new photography skills
  3. Improving my post-photo processing
  4. Redirected my blog and kept it going
  5. Traveled for photographs

2011 (click here for more details)

  1. Started a blog and posted daily to it – woo hoo!
  2. Improved my photography through practice
  3. Evolved my relationship with my daughter
  4. Went exploring and adventuring
  5. Put together 5 photo albums to record family & other events


  1. Said goodbye to my little cat [1]
  2. Explored downtown Richmond and got to know it better
  3. Got a new cell phone and learned how to use the extra features
  4. Helped support my daughter as she transitioned her livelihood and life
  5. Found new blogs to follow, as well as websites and Facebook feeds for Christianity and political views[1] Okay, so that’s not quite an accomplishment, but it was a big event for me in 2010.


  1. Continued to love my favorite boy toy, the dogs, and my cat
  2. Improved our home security
  3. Canned, froze, and dehydrated different fruits and vegetables for us to eat until next summer
  4. Started regularly reading various blogs of interest
  5. Fired an employee (I hate to put this in as a top 5, but it improved my life in so many ways)


[1] Okay, so that’s not quite an accomplishment, but it was a big event for me in 2010.

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  1. I really like this idea of writing your top 5 accomplishments for each year! I may have to steal your idea! So, are you back to work yet, or are you enjoying an early retirement?

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