2013 Goal Ideas

Early in January, I listed the following as possible ideas for 2103 personal goals.  As I’ve written before, I do not realistically expect to accomplish all of these.  Some will be dropped; others will be added.  I’ll try things and not like them; opportunities will come to me that I could not have anticipated when writing down this list.

I usually review my goals monthly, select a few to work on or continue to work on, and set short-term objectives (also known as sub-goals).  By the end of most years, I’m satisfied with what I’ve accomplished and my priorities.

To see my 2012 goals and accomplishments, click here.  For 2011, click here.

High interest goals:

  1. More reading of all kinds
  2. Complete more courses in lynda.com, especially about photography (need to practice my lessons too)
  3. New routines – more meditation, reading, exercise
  4. What would be the ideal way I’d like my life to be?
    – What can I realistically do?
    – But what then do I have less of?
  5. Photography goals – improve my skills?  More self-portraits?  Night photos?  Another daily project?
  6. Continue decluttering the house!
  7. Take a photo inventory of the house (haven’t updated for 8 years).
  8. What do I want to do for fun?
    – What would make me happy to do consistently and daily?
    – Doesn’t have to necessarily be the same thing for the whole year; I can change it every month
    – Dogs are getting older and so am I
  9. Would like to write more consistently in my personal journal

Moderate interest:

  1. Do 10 days of gratitude for Thanksgiving  http://www.chookooloonks.com/blog/10-days-of-thanksgiving-family-friends
  2. Create a pdf book
  3. Finish writing my book on doing a daily challenge
  4. Visit botanical gardens within a day or less drive of home, especially the ones that accept my Ginter pass.
    – While I’m at it, I’d like to also visit a fellow blogger, The Dragonfly Woman, who works at the science museum in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  5. Meet other blogging friends – there are a number of them who live somewhat close by
  6. Visit railroad museums / depots within a days drive or less
  7. Do something about my spiritual memoir?  Need to pull out and review first.
  8. Spend more quality time with the dogs
  9. Any garden?  Maybe flowers only?
  10. Eat down all the food in the freezer

Low (very low) interest:

  1. Try a paleo diet
  2. Any goals for cooking?  I really don’t have time, but might have to if I want to try the paleo diet.
  3. Any changes to my blog?  Do less often (once a week)?  New layout?  New direction of some sort?
  4. Any spiritual goals?
  5. Any goals for exercise?
  6. Put together a food inventory and costs to compare for best deals.
  7. Any food preservation?

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    • The house projects were not part of the goals, but have consumed most of my time. I’ve been reading a lot more, which I’m enjoying them. The rest of the goals haven’t made much progress. Thanks for the reminder to post about them! I will do so shortly.

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