2012 Goal Ideas

** UPDATE **  My final review of goals and accomplishments is posted here.  **

Here is my working list of goals for 2012 that I wrote out in January.  I will review and update this again after Labor Day weekend in September.

I do not expect to finish all these goals; rather, these are my ideas of the various things I’d like to accomplish if time, energy and finances permit.  This blog post talks about how I choose my goals and get things done on the list.

  1. Read Jesus Calling and its Bible verses each day
  2. Take more short trips
  3. Declutter and organize the house
  4. Improve my physical self
  5. Continue to evolve my blog
  6. Continue taking photos
  7. Set up second blog for writers / diarists
  8. Scrapbook my life (I found a class to take to help with this)
  9. Take a self portrait class
  10. Write & publish an e-book
  11. Participate in NaNoWriMo
  12. Put together more photo albums
  13. Organize my photos
  14. Scan more photos
  15. Consider continue writing my spiritual memoir
  16. Print all computer journals
  17. Scan handwritten journals (at least some of them)
  18. Put together a cookbook of favorite recipes
  19. What do I want to do about food preservation?  I don’t think I want to can, but maybe dehydrate or freeze stuff when produce is cheap and plentiful?
  20. Stay in touch with my niece
  21. Give the dogs more attention

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