2011 Accomplishments

[Excerpted from this post and this one also.]

Over the years, I’ve evolved some formats to use around January 1 to celebrate my life and accomplishments, as well as set expectations for the New Year.

Here is the format I’m currently using:

  • List 25 Accomplishments from 2011
  • Choose my top five accomplishments from 2011
  • List three ways I have grown over the last year
  • What didn’t I do that I wanted to do or should have done
  • What I need to change
  • Contemplations & prayers as 2012 begins
  • Goal ideas for 2012

Understandably, this can take a while to work through.  I find it satisfying for several reasons and worth the work:

  • It reminds me that I did in fact accomplish a lot despite all that remains undone
  • I review it frequently for encouragement and as a reminder of what needs change
  • It helps me prioritize my time better

So here were my top five accomplishments for 2011:

1.   Started a blog and posted daily to it – woo hoo!

2.   Improved my photography through practice

3.   Evolved my relationship with my daughter

4.   Went exploring and adventuring

5.   Put together 5 photo albums to record family & other events

When rechecking my journals from a year ago, I was surprised to see that last year, it took two tries – TWO – to put together a list of five accomplishments that gave me satisfaction and feeling like I had a purpose in life.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a big surprise.  I felt 2010 was a pretty lackluster year for many reasons and my first choices for the top five accomplishments were equally unimpressive.

Thankfully my second try to list the top five accomplishments gave me somewhat more satisfaction, but I knew I wasn’t about to repeat that in 2011.  And this year, my top five pretty much flew to the list.  I am satisfied with them and with the creative outlets they have given me.

As for my favorite blog posts, I’m really proud of my body of work so it’s hard to pick just several.  I’d say three favorites would include Culture Norms Are A Pile of Moose Muffins (about my cousin who had Down’s syndrome), Phase of the Summer (about fleeting days), and Come To Me & Leave Happier (making other’s days a little brighter).

I’m satisfied with what I got done in 2011 and look forward to another good year in 2012.

Sunflowers in the garden
Sunflowers in the garden

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