So Many Signs of Spring #1

I did go to the botanical gardens for a spring walk last Sunday afternoon.  My intention was to share my walk with you, the things I thought about, and the things I saw.

But life isn’t going that way.  As I write this, I am less than an hour away from my daughter arriving for a long weekend.  She’s working from our house the next few days (and I’m working too), but we will have her all the way through Sunday.  Yippee!!

I’ve got the bed made up for her, some cooking done for my lunch, and am now taking a few minutes to let you know I’m not sure I’ll be posting much these next few days.  If time permits, I’ll put up a few pictures.  Otherwise, I will be busy trying to win Scrabble with a child who knows as many words as I do.

Of the many pictures that I took on Sunday, this was the one that best signified Spring to me – tulips and a robin.

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Have a great week!

Detect The Music Of Nature

The author, Kate Chopin, once wrote:

I wonder if anyone else has an ear so tuned and sharpened as I have, to detect the music, not of the spheres, but of earth, subtleties of major and minor chord that the wind strikes upon the tree branches. Have you ever heard the earth breathe?
One of the things I’ve loved about being outside so much lately is the slowing down of everything, the opportunity to just enjoy fresh air and feel the warmth of sunlight.  It is a music of the universe.The botanical gardens have a giant wind chime in one of the trees.  It’s a pleasant enough sound, but not as pleasant as listening to the wind through the drying leaves of fall, the insects still chirping, the birds who are still singing.

I would encourage all of you to enjoy the last days of autumn’s warmth and the sun on your face.  Already there are days when the wind is too chilly to stay outside very long.  Parts of the country have had snow and will have more soon.  I’m not ready to come in yet, but I don’t think I have much choice about it.

Surprisingly, I took this picture on the way home from work.  As I watched the sunset unfold, I pulled into a school parking lot and grabbed my camera.  A sunset like this is also a song of the universe.

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Chasing Fall Colors – Day 2

My favorite boy toy and I spent all day yesterday outside, hiking and taking pictures.  Needless to say, we were pretty tired by the end of the day.  The lighting wasn’t too good, but adjusting my pictures will have to wait for a different day.

Here’s some more pictures for you.  We’re having fun exploring and I will share more later.

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Just a reminder that today is All Saint’s Day.  Although it is not a biblical or legal holiday, it is a good day to remember those who are no longer here and give a prayer of thanks for the good things they brought to your life.

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Fall Colors in West Virginia

My favorite boy toy and myself are off chasing the fall colors.  I had a different topic in mind for today’s post, but my staff wants to see pictures.  So here’s a slide show of yesterday’s highlights, straight from the camera.

There’s snow up here, although it’s melting quickly.  The colors are pretty, but we haven’t yet found many places to take pictures from.  Since never been here before, it’s a learning curve of driving around, getting lost, and asking questions.

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By the way, today is a favorite anniversary of mine – Reformation Day.  For a modern English translation of Martin Luther’s objections to the Catholic teachings in 1517, click hereCharisma Magazine had a recent article on the need for reformation within today’s church that is worth reading.  Don’t stop reading because it talks about reform in the charismatic churches – this article has application to all religions.

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Corner Turned At Work

We’ve turned a corner on getting the tax returns done.  We’re done to just a few left.  Unfortunately, they’re some of the tougher returns.  All of us took a break for a few days after the big deadline and are now working hard to get these done.

The weather has cleared up too and yeah, I’m back out during lunch taking pictures of clouds and downtown.

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Nimble Is Not A Software Update

Grrr. . . I wanted to write in my journal yesterday as I’ve been neglecting for a while.  Could I switch on my computer and start writing?  Oh no!  No, no, no, I had to wait for an update from the night before to rewrite registries – 104,000+ of them no less – then reboot, then run sluggish, reboot again, and wait while Photoshop mysteriously opened itself.  By the time I could write, 30 minutes was wasted.  Software updates really need to be more nimble.  I greatly resent wasting precious writing time waiting for my computer to be ready for use.

Prior to this, I had a bit of an internal debate before I turned on my computer.  Did I work on the many things that needed to be done around the house or did I use my morning time to do my own passions?  My favorite boy toy was gone for the day and the house was quiet – well, as quiet as can be with dogs wanting to go in and out or else barking out in the yard.

I made a mistake on this years ago and call it to mind frequently when having this type of internal argument.  A long time ago, on a Labor Day weekend, my favorite boy toy was gone with the child.  I had the whole weekend to myself – the WHOLE thing.  Being a good girl, I spent the two gorgeous days of Saturday and Sunday working inside, stripping wallpaper.  I promised myself I’d take off all day on Monday to do what I want.  And what did it do?

It poured all day long – a hard, cold, miserable rain.  I sat in a rocking chair in front of the sliding glass door instead of out hiking, riding my bike, or in some way enjoying some beautiful fall days.  Being a typical fall in the Midwest, it rained mostly for the next six weeks.

I never did have a weekend that I could be outside for an unlimited time until the following year.  I was so sorry that I’d put work before pleasure.  I resented it bitterly that weekend and took away a life lesson of making sure I took care of myself more promptly.

There is value in doing the worst thing first (this weekend that would be cleaning the house) and getting it out of the way while my energy is high.  But I also get tired of always leaving until later my hobbies and passions, because usually by “later” something comes up and I never get my time for the things that are precious to me.  It could be the weather, it could be I’m so tired that I take an extended nap or go to bed very early.  One night it was taking my favorite boy toy to the urgent care because he was so dehydrated following a bad case of food poisoning; another it was a trio of dogs who popped open a brand new bottle of painkillers for the beagle’s bad back and ate them all.  I stood on the deck on a cold night, making three dogs throw up.  I didn’t write that night either.

So yesterday I turned on my computer, finally getting to write and look over photos from earlier in the week.  I did some research on the Internet, and downloaded some materials for a digital scrapbooking class that I’m taking.  I went to the botanical gardens in the afternoon yesterday, today I sat in the sun and read.  I got stuff done – laundry, some vacuuming, a pot of soup.  But mostly I enjoyed my life.

[Kitty – recognize this picture?  It’s the fall version of my header shot that you admired last month.]

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