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Well Water Is the Pits

Growing up and living in rural areas means having well water.  I know there are places with good tasting and safe to drink well water, but I didn’t have that. My childhood home had water that stunk like rotten eggs – yep, sulfur – and was so mineral laden is could ruin any appliance or…

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Entering My Childhood Home

My childhood home was a bit unusual.  Entering it was a surreal experience for anyone who didn’t know my family.  My relatives thought nothing of it, but my in-laws were incredulous the first time they saw it. The room itself was real pine plank, not paneling.  It had antlers, guns, trophies, horse memorabilia, stuffed animal…

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Publisher & Favorite Books

The book publishers love readers like me.  As a child I loved to read – when Scholastic did their orders in school, classmates might order 1 or 2 books.  I ordered one of each.  And I read them all too. As an adult, I still love to read.  I buy a fair amount of books…

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