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Casting for Cookies

Casting (from Wiktionary) – A manufacturing process using a mold. Manufacturing is intended to be a repeatable process with consistent results.  That’s the whole purpose of casting molds.  Of course, molds can also be used as the jumping off point for creativity, fun, and a big old mess, complete with laughter and little show-offs.  These “molds” were…

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Lacking For Nothing

Lacking (from Wiktionary) – A deficiency or need (of something desirable or necessary); an absence, want. This year for Valentine’s Day, I made up cards on Shutterfly for various members of my family.  My theme was that we were rich in the things that counted – we were lacking for nothing.  I made one up…

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Cook (from Wiktionary) – To prepare (food) for eating by heating it, often by combining it with other ingredients. This is one of my very favorite pictures of my daughter and my nephew from Christmas several years ago.  My daughter loves to try new recipes and she outdid herself with the Christmas meal that year. …

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No (from Wiktionary) – Not any possibility or allowance of (doing something). I think this photo says it all.  It is numbered immediately before the husband’s laughing.  I don’t remember what was being said “NO” so eloquently, but I have no doubt this is what set off the husband’s to laugh so hard.  Word for tomorrow –…



Join the challenge!  For more information, click  the tab marked “challenge invitation“. Laugh – An expression of mirth particular to the human species (from Wiktionary). Take two bored husbands, the Christmas holidays, and a pair of sassy sisters, and eventually someone starts laughing, infects the other one and now both are laughing to no end.  Word for tomorrow…

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Join the challenge!  Post a picture to match the word of the day and put a link in the comments.  You’ll be amazed at how differently the word gets interpreted.  Map (from Wikipedia) – A map is a visual representation of an area—a symbolic depiction highlighting relationships between elements of that space such as objects,…

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Direct – straight, constant, without interruption Christmas picture of direct descendants – four generations of women.  This was taken 20 years ago – the years have flown by.

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