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Time For A New Story

As May drew to a close, it became apparent to me that I needed to tell myself a new story. I need a story that doesn’t involve the workplace, doing taxes, being a CPA, or any of the other ways that I’ve defined myself for these many, many years. I’m proud of my career accomplishments and the…

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2014 Word – Remember

      As I worked on a post to discuss my “word” for 2015, I wanted to revisit and bring closure to last year’s word.  The purpose of the “word” is to bring focus and clarity to my goals for the year. 2014 Word – Remember Last year’s word was remember – and what I…

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Surrendering To God

On Saturday, I told some of the story of how I became a working mother and my husband was the stay-at-home parent (click here to read it).  Thanks to everyone for the comments!  I appreciated it. There was more to the story, so I thought I’d continue it today. My acceptance of God’s will in…

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Jesus Calling – Mary vs. Martha

My daily devotional for this year is from the book, “Jesus Calling“, by Sarah Young.  It’s similar to the classic, “God Calling“, but (for me), more contemporary.  I wanted something simpler for this year, that I could contemplate throughout the day. However, I’ve already had a few meltdowns with it.  It might be short, but…

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Lost and Found

The theme of today’s  Six Word Friday is lost and found: Lost: My time, my energy, my enthusiasm Found: A new day to start again The excessive hours at work are starting to decrease (Wednesday’s picture was actually taken late at night when I took a short break). I’ve been reading everyone’s blogs and comments in my…

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Three Yellow Mercies

Ann Voskamp, author of the book “One Thousand Gifts”, has a January Joy Dare to help her readers achieve a goal of noticing three gifts a day from God. The one for today was “3 yellow things that strike you as a fresh mercy”. When I first read it, I thought no way. Then I…

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