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Distilling Wisdom From Blogs

I love reading blogs.  There are so many good ones out there!  I have some faithful readers of my blog who have their own blogs and do a great job with it. Blogs can be entertaining, they can record life, share thoughts, be informative, or be like a letter from a friend. There are several…

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Entering My Childhood Home

My childhood home was a bit unusual.  Entering it was a surreal experience for anyone who didn’t know my family.  My relatives thought nothing of it, but my in-laws were incredulous the first time they saw it. The room itself was real pine plank, not paneling.  It had antlers, guns, trophies, horse memorabilia, stuffed animal…

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Locate Another Antique Pot

My husband and I love to go antiquing.  He uses them as props in his photography and aesthetically, they appeal to him.  These graniteware pots particularly sing little songs to his ears.  He loves it when he can locate graniteware with a different enamel finish than what he already owns.  It’s fun to stop and…

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