Beagle Gallery

Mom says I’ve had so many pictures in her blog, I should have my own page!

The latest pictures:

Older pictures of me:

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  1. Just lovely. Beagles are so expressive! (No disrespect to your other dogs)
    Ours, Nina had only one litter of three puppies. A-do-rable. Their face and ears blacker when they were born, clearing up as they grew. The pups destroyed all electric cables in the household in less than a week! :)

    • We had a kitten that did the same thing. I was surprised he didn’t electrocute himself. The beagle used a brand new end table for teething. We kept it for years afterwards, only getting rid of it last year.

      His face used to be dark but in the last few years he’s gotten very white. But he’s also not a young dog anymore.

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