Welcome to my photography and my blog!

My name is Nancy Smiegowski and I live in Richmond, Virginia. I’m a CPA and until recently, did corporate tax work. I’m now retired (it’s still strange saying that) and starting a second life with my photography. I also use the moniker “dogear6”, being shorter and easier to remember.

My fine art photography reflects my love of color and I enjoy pushing the limits as I experiment and learn. I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, along with Topaz Studio and onOne to post process my pictures to get the look and style that I want in my photography.

My husband has done photography for more years than I have. Our trips fill the back of the car with our gear and include getting up before sunrise, afternoon naps, and staying up late for sunsets and night photography.

To my chagrin, I would not be as adventurous capturing pictures if he didn’t prod me along. I’m working on maintaining a better attitude and not griping about being uncomfortable, walking so far, or arguing with him on how to post process my pictures. To his credit, he is also much better at accepting that my vision is not the same as his and I can use or not use his advice.

I also have three two old dogs, including an energetic and somewhat cranky beagle. He makes sure we walk every day, no matter what the weather is. The other two dog – a Vizsla and a miniature pinscher – is happy to stay inside in his cozy bed.

My boys, practicing their synchronized sleeping.

The young beagle is, of course, my gravatar.  He has the sweetest face!  It’s a great aid to when he’s trying to communicate that it’s time for me to get him out a treat. If you want to read his posts, click here.