16 Things About Winter

The Appalachian Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains

I am not a fan of winter, mostly because I dislike the cold. I don’t mind the snow or ice, but I seldom feel warm enough even with a sweater, warm fuzzy socks and a hot drink.

Having lived most of my life in the snowbelt, I particularly dislike driving in the snow. I’ve had too many years of doing it because my employers refused to shut down for inclement weather. I was thankful when management finally starting letting us work from home with our laptop computers.

But as with all the other seasons, winter has some great things about it, such as:

  1. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
  2. The air is crisper and drier. . . outside it shimmers because it’s so crisp.
  3. Being able to walk later in the day, unless it’s snowing and or icy.
  4. Seeing what everything looks like behind the trees
  5. The beauty of a snowfall when it’s still fresh and unsullied.
  6. Warm yellow light on days the sun is strong.
  7. Joy from watching the dogs and kids play in the snow.
  8. Time to indulge the indoor hobbies.
  9. Smoking meat in my Big Green Egg. Yes, I am one of those who grills all year. Shovel the driveway, then a path out to the Egg.
  10. Food lasts longer and the coconut oil isn’t so runny.
  11. Everything seems to slow down and takes a pause. Yes, it’s an illusion, but a peaceful one.
  12. Sleeping under an electric blanket with warm flannel sheets.
  13. Using the oven for cooking and not worrying about the air conditioning running continuously.
  14. The scent of a sugar cookie candle as it burns.
  15. Less bugs.
  16. No dripping sweat!

Do you have anything to add to the list? Even if you hate winter, there must be something you can add to my list. Let me know what it is!


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  1. Charlee: “We don’t really get winters here, but we’re not sure what we think of the idea of not having as many bugs around.”
    Chaplin: “We do like watching the bugs. Especially butterflies.”
    Lulu: “Not all bugs are fun to watch, you know. Like mosquitoes or other things like that.”
    Charlee: “They’re still fun to watch.”
    Chaplin: “But we don’t like it when they bite.”
    Charlee: “Fortunately for us, we mostly watch them through the windows, so we don’t have to worry about getting bitten!”

    • Thanks to all of you for stopping by and letting me know your thoughts! I agree that the bugs are a big deal, but it’s much nicer to watch them from the window than from outside. Cheers!

  2. I have always enjoyed, even loved, winter. The only downfall to it is the difficulties it presents to travel and keeping warm for those who have little. But, in the spirt of just thinking about winter, I love it.

    • And with your job, you would see first hand how winter negatively impacts those who are financially precarious. I did ignore that in my piece but winter makes life much harder for those without enough.

      For me, I so don’t like winter so finding things to like about it was actually a stretch. I’m so glad I don’t live in the snowbelt anymore! The cooler days in Georgia are bad enough.

      • I have seen it, you are right. More so when I worked in Adult Protective Services. Just the cold alone was a tremendous struggle. Staying warm when you haven’t ‘enough’ is horrible.

        I’m glad you only have ‘cooler’ now and no snow. Though, not to tempt the fates, I saw some folks in Texas had snow a week or so ago. 😳

  3. I´m not a fan of winter either but there are some good things. I like your list. Here´s one more.
    Snuggling in front of the fireplace with a good book and a cup of tea.

  4. I grew up in Southern Arizona so we didn’t experience much snow.

    We spent 2 years in Germany. Sledding downhill, snowball fights, building snowmen, and even listening to the crunch of the snow underneath my feet.

    When I moved to Dallas in 1995, we’ve had a few snowstorms. In 2010, I had a blast doing a Snow Angel
    in front of the office. Now, if I happen to walk outside and it’s snowing, I still stick out my tongue to catch some flakes👍

    • We had snow on Christmas Eve for a few minutes. The boys were so excited and ran outside to try and catch some snow on their tongues. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long enough for them to even do that.

      We had snow in Virginia every year (right now, it’s pretty snowy there). In Georgia, it’s pretty unusual and this winter has, even for here, been unreasonably mild.

  5. I moved to a warm climate at age twelve, but I still remember looking out of the window at night as a child and seeing the moon shining on the deep snow. It was magical. The snow sparkled and had a blue hue. I walked to school in the snow but they were only fond memories. So I guess what I like about winter is the glistening snow under the moon.

    • Thanks for the story! I didn’t realize you’d lived further north when you were young. But yeah, the snow glistening in moonlight is an awesome addition to the list!

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