2020 Gratitudes

As 2020 ends, I’ve been writing in my journal the many things I’m grateful for this year.

This year saw so many changes for me, from going back to work to the last of my old dogs dying to moving three states away to live down the street from my (our) daughter and her family.

It was a year with a lot of stress and lost time. I am thankful as this year ends that the move and settling in is well along and I am starting to see some semblance of a more normal life.

Here are some of the things I’m thankful for this year. There’s much more than this, but I was trying to keep it a manageable read! They’re not in any particular order, just out there.

  • My husband for going through yet another move with me. I couldn’t do this by myself nor could he. We’ve spent hours packing (both), unpacking (me), decluttering (both), fixing up both houses (him), finding and supervising tradesmen (him), and dealing with the finances (me) and piles of paperwork (me).
  • Our daughter for helping us to do this and making us an important (and welcomed) part of her life.
  • My son-in-law for wanting us to be part of her and his life also.
  • Our realtor’s patience as we debated about whether we wanted to move or not and whether or not we wanted this house.
  • My old neighbors for missing me.
  • My new neighbors for welcoming us and spending time getting to know us. The first ones we met came over to welcome us with food, a phone number, and a big smile. We’ve since gotten to know many more.
  • My good friend for standing outside when I spent so long in her yard on my beagle’s last walk and keeping me company as I cried.
  • Having my beagle for almost four months after his Vizsla brother died. It wasn’t long enough, but I could spoil him without a Vizsla poking his nose into it. I felt bad that our walks got so short, but I walked him nearly every day even if it was only to the corner.
  • My vet  who gave my three old dogs long lives that I could enjoy them for more years than normal. Even with my beagle he got me a couple of more days together before I made the final decision.
My boys, practicing their synchronized sleeping.
  • My sister for spending her time and effort to help take care of our elderly mother. Although I live far away, I’m thankful I can manage paperwork, pay bills, and make it easier for my sister to be there physically.
  • My Kindle – I did a lot of fiction reading on it this year and am finally getting back to non-fiction books (real books) just a few weeks ago.
  • Cooking on my Big Green Eggs – always a fun day! I love using them even though it’s time consuming.
  • An outdoor chair – my daughter brought one over for me as ours did not survive the move. I am glad to have it for the days that I can sit outside.
  • My faithful little car, now paid off but not being used enough.
  • My upstairs La-Z-Boy easy chair. I spend more hours sleeping in that chair, either for naps or when I wake up during the night and can’t go back to sleep.
  • Finding a diet that works. I lost 25 pounds and kept it off even with the move!
  • My middle grandchild liking coming over and spending time with his grandparents.
  • My employer wanting me to keep working for them after the move. And they want me to keep working in 2021. If it’s too much, they’d rather I manage my hours than give it up.
  • For staying healthy this year.


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  1. I loved your reflections. I cried and I chuckled as I read the special things that made up your year. I’m going to tag along with you again next year because that’s what friends do. :-)

    • Covid was really a small part of everything that went on this year. I knew that for a while, but it wasn’t until I did the reflection exercise that I realized how much went well. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Lulu: “Happy impending New Year!”
    Charlee: “It’s nice to read about some good things and changes that happened in 2020, but we know how you must miss those dogs.”
    Chaplin: “It’s been two years now and we still miss our vizsla brother Dennis.”

  3. I’m so sorry to read about your loss. <3 I lost Buddy over a year ago and it still feels like yesterday.
    How wonderful to be so close to your family! Is that last photo in the new home? It looks beautiful.
    And isn’t it wonderful to be so needed that your boss is willing to work around your needs? Bob is working with a similar situation at his job. He is supposed to retire next month and his boss is doing cartwheels and standing on his head to keep him there, if not full time then at least part time… They are still banging out the details.

    It is good to be needed and appreciated.

    • I’m so happy for Bob, especially after all the problems he had during the recession! It’s great to be needed.

      I agree – we sure do miss our fur babies for a long time. They’re such a big part of our life.

      And yes, the last photo is in the new house. We upsized and it’s a beautiful old home. We never expected to have such a nice place to retire in. Our house in Richmond was nice, but this one is gorgeous and it’s nice having the extra room.

      • I look forward to seeing more of your new home; if you are willing to share. You say it is old, but it looks pristine! Clearly this home was loved in its past and is now too. <3

    • Thank you!

      I sent a note to Chris (would you mind asking her if she got it). I posted my first blog post ten years ago today and she was the only one who liked it! My first like! How awesome is that!

  4. You have had a very eventful year my dear, and during a global pandemic too. Amazing. I could tell you had lost weight, well done. Looking great. Missing your fur babies must be hard but being closer to the grandchildren has to be great. Life is about balance. Wishing you a more settled 2021! xo

    • Thank you for the lovely note! I hope 2021 is more settled too – I’m finally getting back to more creative things which has been wonderful.

      And thanks for the compliment on my weight! I think my face is looking thinner, especially lately.

      We’re not getting another dog for now, but being closer to the family is awesome and we’re loving it. For Christmas, we got the boys some Nerf guns and last night, we taught the baby to go retrieve them. She squeals and toddles off after them. So much fun!

    • I know! I took it during the Olympics several years ago and we all had a good laugh about it. Of course, a few minutes later someone walked by and it was all over.

  5. Wow! You have really been through some radical life changes…the move and the hardest part to lose the beloved dog friends. We have adopted a rescue – part beagle -and she (Elsa) is family and so important to my days.

    • It was a year with many more changes than we expected. It was hard too. But it’s gotten better, I’ve made my peace about moving away from my life, and I’m enjoying it.

      I’ve seen your pictures of Elsa and she’s darling! I’m so glad you’re enjoying her.

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