Beagle As Still Life

I am not a photographer who takes still life subject matter. I understand the concepts of it and I love seeing it when done well by others. But for me, it’s too much fussing for the end result.

I had more thoughts on this several years ago when I took a macro photography class from Bryan Peterson. I spent all day wrestling with my subject matter, made a bunch of mistakes, and decided that it wasn’t for me (you can see the post here).

So in Week 3 of Kim Klassen’s class, A Month of Multiples, we had an assignment to shoot a still life. After enough procrastination, I decided on a different subject matter for my still life.

I offer for your laughter “Beagle as Still Life”. Nothing, but nothing, will interfere with his naps, except maybe the crinkle of a cheese wrapper or the rattle of his harness. His sleep is an essential part of his daily routine and when it’s nap time, all other life ceases. Some days, we even check to make sure he’s still breathing.

So here is my still life for the Week 3 assignment. As one of my blogging friends commented, it certainly was still!

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  1. What a fun series! My favorite is the one on his back. I often find Buddy like that. And as you and others have mentioned, I too have to make sure he is still breathing… he’s about 14 years old now. ;)

  2. Perfect still life photos! Dot sleeps just like that and we too often check to see if she is breathing. She plays hard and sleeps hard! Snuggles for the Beagle. xo

    • It’s green on my screen – a little darker than a midtone. I’m not sure why it’s coming up black on yours. How does the print look? Mine is a pale green, so I’ve got some good contrast for the print type (plus I picked a font that was pretty aggressive).

      I’d picked the darker because I liked how it showcased my photography and I liked the layout of this theme.

      Unfortunately, no one else has complained so I don’t know if it’s your computer or the theme itself. I’ll try tinkering with it and see if I can lighten it up more. If you have a chance to try it on a different machine (iPad or phone maybe), let me know if it still is so hard to read. I’d like to know if I need to adjust it more.

      Thanks for the feedback.

      • That’s very interesting. I tend to use my phone. Most of the writing is white and I find it a bit glary, but headings are light green. I’ll try my laptop next time and will let you know. Thanks for caring and getting back to me on this.

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