Iced Tea for Breakfast

I drink iced tea for breakfast everyday – even when I worked in downtown Minneapolis in the winter! There was a Caribou in the skyway that I took to get from the parking deck to my office. Each day they had a different flavor and no matter what the temperature was outside, people were buying it. The iced chamomile tea was good (not enough caffeine in the morning though) but I didn’t like the Earl Grey.

I also use a Starbucks cup with a screw-on lid for a tea to go. My daughter calls it my adult sippy cup and she’s right! Even if it gets knocked over, it doesn’t leak. A few years ago at the start of a meeting, I did actually knock it over. My boss jumped back quickly and we were all relieved that nothing spilled.

The hubby and I eat breakfast out frequently. We started this years ago due to all the overtime I worked and in retirement, it’s a nice way to start the day.

This photo was for a project on the in-between week for A Month of Multiples with Kim Klassen. The creative group that I belong to decided on it and it was great fun to see everyone’s coffee, tea, and various morning beverages. The stories behind the mugs was the best.

This was post processed in Topaz Studio using SJ Watercolor. Textures were added from 2 Lil’ Owls – the Brilliance, Epiphany, and Fairy Dust collections. The border was from Photomorphis.

A Month of Multiples Challenges Tea

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  1. Love what you did with this picture. I had a large iced tea cup very similar to yours…..used it for years. Not important in the great scheme of life….but connects us all the same ;)

  2. I too love iced tea. The coffee shop by the beach we take Dot too most mornings know I like a variety so they have brought in some just for me. My favourites are pina colada, strawberry and apple. I always make my own at home and have some in the fridge. Your pictures are great!!

    • That’s awesome that they brought in new tea flavors just for you! They must really be flattered at what a good customer you are.

      Those flavors sounds great too. Thanks for the compliment on the photo!

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