Taking a Walk

Smiling Back at Me
Taken at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
Richmond, Virginia

I love taking walks and often use my camera as an excuse to do so. Having a wonderful botanical garden so close to my house makes a big difference too – I can be there with a short drive and the scenery changes constantly.

With my camera, I’m much more observant on my walks. This is true with my cell phone camera as well. I’m looking and scanning for what could be an interesting picture. I’m also looking to see what’s new, different, or what’s changed since the last time I was there.

Not every picture is perfect and not every photo is worthy of post processing work. But by showing up and taking pictures frequently, many are in fact worth further work. But to have such pictures in my inventory, I have to be out there taking them.

The flowers above are so cheery – I feel like they’re just waiting for me to smile back at them.

This was post processed using the Fresh Start Haze and Soft Boost actions from 2 Lil’ Owls. Textures were from Jai Johnson’s Impressionist Spring and Splendid Spring collections. Topaz provided the Artries Movie Poster abstraction, and ON1 was used for various finishing effects.

Flowers Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

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I am a backyard adventurer, philosopher and observer, recording my life in journals and photographs. Visit my blog at www.livingtheseasons.com.

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    • Thanks Lynda. Selling photography work is hard and thankless. I’m creating for the pleasure of doing it. It’s not worth my effort to print it up and try to market it. Thanks for enjoying it enough to suggest that!

  1. Chaplin: “Is it just me or do those flowers seem like they’re looking at something up in the sky?”
    Lulu: “They’re probably looking at the sun.”
    Chaplin: “Oh. I was thinking maybe they were looking for butterflies …”

  2. Those are gorgeous flowers. What are they? Your processing effects are also beautiful. I too take great pleasure in walking around snapping anything that takes my fancy. 👍

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