Neighbors as Muse

Beauty of a Front Porch

I take pictures nearly every day and have done so since 2011. I’m a member of Capture Your 365, although as time goes on, I don’t follow the prompts very well anymore.

In this case, I was captivated by the loveliness of my neighbor’s front porch – the comfy looking chairs, the bright flowers and the green tree / shrubs are made for bright colors. It’s a porch that anyone would sit on to view the neighborhood and visit with friends. Of course, her and I tend to stand in the street as we visit since we often have a dog on a leash!

My neighbors are often my muse. I’ve taken pictures of their trees, flowers, side yards and back yards. They’ve nicely moved cars and locked up dogs when I asked. I’ve gotten some very nice pictures right around where I live, such as this snow scene taken from my driveway.

Lacy Ice Covered Trees

I’m not alone in finding my neighbors to be my muse. The American father and son painters, N.C. Wyeth and Andrew Wyeth, both painted frequently from the environment around them. They painted the landscapes and farmers, men and women. I was fascinated at the Brandywine Museum in Chadd’s Ford, Pennsylvania at how many of their paintings were of their neighbors and farms. Clearly, where they lived had a strong influence on what appealed to them for their paintings.

The front porch photo was finished using Topaz Cartoon, textures from 2 Lil’ Owls (Chalky Bits, Soft Grunge and Black Magic), and a torn paper border from ON1.

The ice covered trees was from my cell phone and finished using Snapseed.

Architecture Photography Topaz Labs

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    • Lulu – Just remember that if you bark, there are other dogs that will bark back. You could be part of a the chorus! Maybe even get the whole subdivision barking! Or get asked to leave. . .

  1. Love your front porch photo and how you processed it. You have pretty awesome neighbors. I think to find contentment as an artist, it is best to find the joy in your surroundings. Because most of the world can not travel to Cuba or Iceland or Ireland whenever the mood suits. But we can walk out our front door and see a beautiful world nonetheless.

    • Thanks Sarah! Yes, I do have awesome neighbors and thanks to them, I’ve gotten a lot of good pictures too.

      My husband is one of those that has to travel far, far away (think Oregon and Washington. . . from Virginia) because it’s just not pretty otherwise! With my work schedule and overtime, I’ve had to be content with what was right here. And as a result, I’ve found some great stuff everywhere I looked.

      I worked in downtown Richmond everyday and found far more daily pictures there than I am since retirement. Besides, of course, taking pictures of the neighbors homes and yards!

      Thanks for stopping by.


    • Thanks for the compliment! Our house doesn’t have a front porch, but we have a back deck. I love sitting out there and visiting with neighbors as they walk by. We had huge pine trees that kept it private, but they came down 5 years ago due to a beetle killing them. I miss them, but it’s fun visiting with everyone and getting to know them better.

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