2018 Journey

This was my manifesto at the beginning of 2018

My word for 2018 was journey, and what a year it was! It included:

  • Retirement after 43 years of doing tax work (and 50 years of working)
  • Remodeling the inside of the house, then fixing the outside after hail damage. This was followed by fixing the collateral damage caused by the tradesmen.
  • Traveling nearly every  month
  • Taking care of three old dogs
  • Chasing after two very young and energetic grandsons
  • Reading, walking, and improving my photography skills

What was surprising was that the journey has been slow and small. I expected it to be big and grand changes and I kept looking for something more. It was more than transition though – it was changing my entire mindset and expectations for myself.

I didn’t take a physical journey, as much I changed my life in several significant ways. None of this was anticipated at the beginning of 2018. Even though I’m still unsure what I’m reinventing myself to, I’m confident that I’ve laid the groundwork for my future.